1. iphone-wmp-skin.en.softonic.com/pocketpc
    iPhone WMP Skin, free download. iPhone WMP Skin 1.0: Make Windows Media Player look like the
    iPhone player. Let's face it, it's cool, we all want one and if you say
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  2. winamp-media-player-skin.en.softonic.com/
    Winamp Media Player 11 Skin, free download. Winamp Media Player 11 Skin 1.0: Winamp with the
    look of Windows Media Player. Even though it's not the newest kid on the
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  3. vlc-media-player-skins-pack.en.softonic.com...
    VLC media player Skins Pack, free download. VLC media player Skins Pack: 69 skins for VLC
    media player.
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  4. www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3Ea3vhZnPQ
    Create Your Own Cool Themes / Skins For VLC Media Player for FREE I have include a set of
    Themes already created Sign in to make your opinion count.
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  5. www.ehow.com/how_2221616_change-windows-med...
    How to Change Windows Media Player Skins. You can personalize Windows Media Player by choosing
    different skins that change the colors, shape, design and
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  6. www.best2know.info/how-to-make-your-own-win...
    How To Make Your Own Windows Media Player Theme. Now, wms files are temporary, to make a skin
    that you can share, upload, and choose from in the skin selector,
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  7. www.techknot.com/excellent-skins-for-vlc-me...
    10 Excellent Skins That Make VLC Media Player Look Wonderful,VLC Media Player Skins,vlc media
    player themes,best vlc media player themes,skins for vlc media player
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  8. www.thewindowsclub.com/best-vlc-skins-windo...
    List of best VLC skins for the VLC Media Player. These VLC skins are available as a free
    download. Customize VLC using these free skins & themes.
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  9. www.umplayer.com/skins/
    UMPlayer | Universal Media Player. Home; Features; Download; Skins; Forum; Bug
    Tracking; Skin Gallery. How to install a new skin. Make a Donation;
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